Saturday, March 11, 2017

March 2017


Household Name – World Paranoia
New Age Steppers – Last Scene Dream
Avalon Emerson – 2000 Species Of Cacti
Tracey Thorn – Plain Sailing
Virginia Wing – Sonia & Claudette

PMS – 40 for 40 Commission – Tony Crompton – Number 20

Taos Humm – Hi-Hats Are For Post-Punk Heroes
Flying Lizards – Money

From The Archive – Sonic Youth – Kissability (live in Manchester)

Mary Ocher – My Executioner
Jimmy Scott – Motherless Child
“Sound Of The East” – The Cobra
Amine & Hanza – Letter To God
MESH – The Black Pill
Orla – X + O
Jowee Omicil – Chaplin’s Bash
Asa Chang & Junray – Home
Zazou Bikaye – This Is A Man’s Man’s World
Machine Gun Hog & Co – Bedbound Saga
NAFFI – Blues For Toxteth

From The Archive – Unicursal – Corporate Raga


Blue Orchids – Skull Jam
“The Original Sound Of Mali” – Rail Band – Mouodila
“Running The Voodoo Down” – Miles Davis – Willie Nelson (Take 3)
Ex Post Facto – Oceanic Explorers

“40 for 40” Commissions – Germanager – Climate (Ode To The Regions)

Philippe Baden Powell – Notes Over Poetry

From The Archive – Yo La Tengo (live in the studio 1995)– From A Motel 6
                                                                                              - Decora
King Ayisoba – Africa Needs Africa
Blue Orchids – Hanging Man
Bessie Smith & Her Blue Boys – Take Me To The ‘Lectric Chair
Blursome – Sleep
Mandolin Man – De Reuzekens
Otis Gibbs – Great American Roadside
Akira Kosemura – Joy (piano solo)
Ben Long – Inside My Head
Philippe baden Powell – Hues
King Ayisoba – Yalma Dage Wanga
Ty Segall – Thank You Mr K
Cosmic Corridors – The Summit


Partibrejkers – Stoj Dszoni (Stop Johnny)
White Hills – Stop Mute Defeat

“40 for 40” Commission – Lo-Five – 39 – Clinging On To Nothing

Duke String Quartet – Dimitri Shostakovich - Largo from String Quartet No 8
Trans Am – Expansions

The Trawl with Andy Hunt,-
FAKA – From A Distance
Visible Cloaks – Circle
CurrentMoodGirl – Shy Baby
Dedekind Cut – Lil’ Puffy Coat
Via App – Airborne Shuffle

Dizzy Jones – I Don’t Care
The Evil Usses – Ipso
“Realm Of Consciousness” - Tale Of Us – Lies
“Running The Voodoo Down” – Don Cherry – Brown Rice
Forest Swords – The Highest Flood
White Hills – Sugar Hill
The Magnetic Fields – They’re Killing Children Over There
                                  - Why I’m Not A Teenager
                                  - No
Guo Gan & Aly Keita – La Course De Cheval      
The Rolling Stones - Carol

Monday, February 06, 2017

February 2017


Wire – Short Elevated Period
Poor Grrrl – We Trashy
The Cramps – Drug Train
Chip Wickham – La Legenda Del Tiempo
Xao Seffcheque – Eine Nacht In Deutschland (Je T’Aime Non Plus)
Richard Osborn – Laredo Pastorale
x-Static – My Inspiration (Bjarki’s ‘Sweetest Thing’ Version)
Pere Ubu – 333
Loscil – Monument Builders
Tim Maia – Sem Voce         
The Three Johns – Teenage Nightingales To Wax
“Action Time Vision” – The Jerks – Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me
The Isolationist – Insular Outcasts
Soramimi – Pure Rubedo
Jaco Pastorius – Balloon Song 12 Note
Xao Seffcheque – Good Friends
Pere Ubu – Beach Boys
Loscil – Straw Dogs
Jaco Pastorius – Donna Lee
Sorie Kondi – The Freetown Tapes (last section)
Richard Osborn – The Open Road


Aseethe – Into The Sun
“Pan-Steel Drums” – Mighty Sparrow – Memories
Arbouretum – Song Of The Rose
“Lost In China” – Hani Union – Greek Text
Dead Fader – Inject
Uniform Choice – Screaming For A Change
Ryan Vail & Jealous Of The Birds – Love Is A Crow
“Pan-Steel Drums” – Phase 2 – More Love
Eugene Chadbourne – Luxury Liner
“Lost In China” – Zhao Muyong – Enduring
The Fall – The Joke
“Pan-Steel Drums” – Andy Narell – Tuning Andy
Earthen Sea – About That Time
Baro Drom Orkestar – Baru
Blanck Mass – Please
The Memory Band – The Bold Grenadier
Fudge – In My Shoes
Emel – Ensen Dhaif
Sleep – Clarity
Fjaak – Fast Food

Arbouretum – Woke Up On The Move


Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Stone Crazy
Oumou Sangare feat. Tony Allen – Yara Faga
Nguyen Le & Ngo Hong Quang – Beggar’s Love Song
Taystii – Clangistan (Final Section)
Dayme Arocena – Mambo Na’ Ma’
Pontiak – Tomorrow Is Forgotten

PMS “40 for 40” Commission 1 – Neil Campbell – 40

Why? – This Ole King
The Fall – Fall Sound (Alternative Version)
Dalek – Shattered
1982 – 3
Pussy Galore – Yu Gung
“Routes Of Slavery” - Ada Coronel / Tembembe Ensemble Continuo & Hesperion
                                            XXI – Son De La Tirana; Mariquita, Maria
Weyes Blood & Ariel Pink – Tears On Fire
Nguyen Le & Ngo Hong Quang – Heaven’s Gourd
Pontiak – Easy Does It
1982 - 7


“Inna Da Yard” – Cedric Myton – Youth Man
Mop Mop feat. Anthony Joseph – The Barber
Trans Am – I Hear Fake Voices
Powersolo – Frantic
Mokoomba – Mokola
Alasdair Roberts – An Atlas In The Glade

PMS – 40 for 40 Commission – Eugene Lange – 1977 DJ Mix 2
Modern English – I Feel Small

From The Archive – “The Deeside Cassettes”
God And The Turds – They All Wear Stupid Hats In Z-Cars
The Hazel Dean Rogering Experience – Kick The Brown Sponge On A Crazy Hell-Bent Trip To Popland
The Ambitious Merchants – John’s song

A Flock Of Seagulls – Space Age Love Song
Stump – Buffalo
Tamikrest – Ehad Wad Nadorhan
She’s Drunk – Kacki Legs
Negativland – You Don’t Even Live Here
Alasdair Roberts – Songs Of The Marvels
Mokoomba – Ny Aradzo
Trans Am – California Hotel
Mop Mop – Lunar Love (Star Wax Remix)

“The Original Sound Of Mali” – Salif Keita – Mandjou

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

January 2017


TRACKS OF THE YEAR – the best tracks we played in 2016

Sun Ra & The Qualities – Happy New Year To You
Dinosaur Jnr – Tiny
Aidan O’Rourke – The Ardlair Tuning Fork
AnD – Where Are You Going To Take Me
Vase/Lang Veirs – Best Kept Secret
Scott Fagan – South Atlantic Blues
“Africa Airways” – Miriam Makeba – Toyota Fantasy (John Bryan Edit)
Leonard Cohen – If I Didn’t Have Your Love
Martyn Joseph – Nye
Will Varley – We Want Our Planet Back                          

The Trawl Reviewed (best of 2016) with Andy Hunt
- Elysia Crampton & Lexi – Esposas
- Klein – Arrange
- Kadr Livinskji – Raz Rushitelnig Krug (Destructive Cycle)
- The Greater Sage Grouse (mating call)
- Braids – Joni

Coope Boyes & Simpson – Frida Kahlo’s Visit To The Taybridge Bar
Meshuggah – Born In Dissonance
Brigid Mae Power – It’s Clearing Now
Ryan Vail – East Berlin
Hyper Martt – Ergot Crunch
“Mr Bongo’s Record Club Vol One” – King James Version – He’s Forever (Amen)
Robbie Fulks – America Is A Hard Religion
John Cale – Damn Life
Suzanne Vega – Harper Lee
Glenn Jones – Portrait Of Basho As A Young Dragon


Local Review of 2016 - Sessions, Specials, etc

"In Situ" - Germanager - Bold Street
The Manouchetones - Valse De Alhambra
"Beats For Ringo" - Joe McKechnie - On Drums Mix 2 
Naffi - D'Ya Hear Me?
Arnold Dreyblatt & Ex-Easter Island Head - Co-composition (excerpt) 
Roger Edwards - Starting from Now 
Klesmerish - Dancing With The Rabbi 
Benny Profane - Here Comes The Floor 
Haja (Madagascar) - Valiha Demonstration 
"In Situ" - Luna - Wolstenholme 
"In Situ" - Paul Tarpey - Slater Street 
Arbre - Ping Pong 
Campbell L Sangster - The Quietest Moment 
Dr Kev - Najkulatoulinketajsi 
"Beats For Ringo" - Rongo Rongo - Ringo Rongo 
Biltone - Hummingbird 
Crikey It's The Cromptons - You're So Physical 
Vice Moth - (excerpt) 
"Beats For Ringo" - Tandog - Wearing Clothes Of Fig


Linda Jones - You Hit Me Like TNT
E - Candidate
Azymuth - Igarape
Nightingales - Booze And Broads And Beauty 
Elysia Crampton - Irreducible Horizon 
"Laut - Yodel" - Baka Beyond - Firefly Yelli 
Hanitra - Ampela 
SUMAC - Clutch Of Oblivion (Bleed Turquoise Remix) 
Weyes Blood - Seven Words 
World's Experience Orchestra - Nine Degrees And Cold 
"Laut - Yodel" - Weisenblaser Der Munchner Philharmoniker & Windbone -
        Magdalena Weis Teil 1/Secret Room/Haboub/Magdalena Weis Teil 2 
Funkadelic - I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody Got A Thing 
Aurelio - Funa Tugudirugu 
Linda Jones - Not On The Outside 
Tom Arthurs & Isambard Khroustaliov - Sea Interval 
"Ricordare - The Songs Of Ennio Morricone" - Gerard Depardieu - Ricordare 
Howe Gelb - Terribly So 
Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita - In The Forest/Fatiliku 
"Laut - Yodel" - Natur Pur - DS 30GI 
Nightingales - The Divorce That Never Was 
"Ricordare - The Songs Of Ennio Morricone" - Milva - Chi Mai


Joseph Livingstone – Name The Devil
Joe Bataan – Fool Part 2
Public Enemy – Do You Wanna Go Our Way? (23 Skidoo Instrumental Remix)
Matata – Maendeleo Ya Kenya
Rae Spoon – Written Against The Sky
Doon Kanda – Wings
“Action Time Vision” – Fatal Microbes – Violence Grows
                                  - Poison Girls – Under The Doctor
                                  - The Prefects – Things In General
Bargou 08 – Wazzaa
Joseph Livingstone – Paint On Sunday
Aesop Rock – Kill Em All
Rae Spoon – Try Again At Everything
Conrad Schnitzler – Wollwachsalkohol
Soramimi – Pure Rubedo
Moire – Opium
Ruane x Wood – Athiests Without Relatives 1644
Plankton vs Defcon – Jealousy
Doon Kanda – Womb
Matata – Ulimwengu (Universe)
Rustica – Meu Cabalo
Brian Eno – Reflection (conclusion)

Monday, December 05, 2016

December 2016


Pat Thomas – Gyae Su
The Furrow Collective – Wild Hog In The Wood
d.f.i. – Daddy Never Understood/Greetings From Sarajevo
Urusei Yatsura – First Day On A New Planet
Nathan Fake feat. Prurient – Degreelessness

Ian Hunter – Where Are You Now?
- Ian Hunter and the Rant Band – Dandy
- Bob Dylan – Jokerman

The Cosmic Range – Kowboy
The Corner House Set – An Paistin Fionn
Ilaria Graziano & Francesco Forni – Filibusteria
The Wedding Present – All This And More


Alex Cameron – The Internet
Max Shrager – Girls Of The Galaxy
Cerrone feat. Tony Allen – 2nd Chance
Blaak Heat – Mola Mamad Djan
El Michels & The Shacks – Strange Boy
Robert Koch – California Dreamin’
Sinead O’Connor – The Foggy Dew
Nico Muhly & Teitur – Cat Rescue
Moire feat. DRS – Lost You
Syrinx – Aurora Spinray
Scott Cook and the Lost Weekends – Sweet Maddie Spawton

The Furrow Collective – Many’s The Night’s Rest


“Boogie Breakdown – South African Synth Disco (1980-84)” – Benjamin Ball – Flash A Flashlight
Milton’s Daughter – pcnccnnnnc
Richard Pinhas/Tatsuya Yoshido/Masami Akita – TVJ 00
Debashish Bhattacharya – The Dance Of Nai’a At Oatu Shore
Mark Greenwood – The Curious Pyramid Tomb Pt 1 – Spades
Higher Authorities – Neptune
Dymaxion – Cognitive Dissonance Penitentiary
Yorkston/Thorne/Khan – Song For Thirza
Colin Newman – Greensleeves/Fish II/Jury
“The Rough Guide To Hillbilly Blues” – Dock Boggs – Down South Blues
The Instant Automatons – Invertebrates
Psycho And Plastic – Zvezdolet Lakomov
Bilja Krstic & Bistrik Orchestra – Velo Willowy Velo
“The Rough Guide To Hillbilly Blues” – Dick Justice – Cocaine
The Rolling Stones – Everybody Knows About My Good Thing
Billy Jenkins – Invocation V – Feelin’ Groovy
Wadada Leo Smith – The Mississippi River: Dark And Deep Dreams Flow The River – A National Memorial Park c. 5000BC (excerpt)
Barney Childs – Sonata for Solo Clarinet – Movement 1
Mirko – Agassiz Rift
“The Rough Guide To Hillbilly Blues” – Walter Smith – The Cat’s Got The Measles, The Dog’s The Whooping Cough


BUYERS’ GUIDE 2016 – music for your collection

[Full Release titles in Brackets]

Papa M – Little Girl [Highway Songs]
Ash Koosha - Fool Moon [I aka I]
Coope, Boyes and Simpson – Frida Kahlo’s Visit To The Taybridge Bar [A Concluding Event]
“Roland Kirk – Making Love After Hours [Wag – Iconic Tunes from The Wag Club 1983-1987]
Jenny Hval – Conceptual Romance [Blood Bitch]
Noura Mint Seymali – Ghizlane – [Arbina]
Mr Mermaid – Get Busy [“Tangerine” – Soundtrack]
Momus – Paper Wraps Rock [Public Intellectual – An Anthology, 1996-2016]
Asha Bhosle – Piya Tu Ab To Aaja [The Rough Guide to World Psychedelia]
Chinese Cookie Poets – El La Mano Del Payaso [Real Rio]
Iggy Pop/Alva Noto/Tarwater – To The Garden The World [Leaves Of Grass]
Anthony Joseph – Drum Song [Caribbean Roots]
Gruppo Spentaneo Trallalero – Cicilla [Canto Riondo]
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Rings Of Saturn [Skeleton Tree]
Colin Stetson – Sorrow (end of Second Movement) [Sorrow]
Deerhoof – Leaning To Apologize Effectively [The Magic]
Tanya Tagaq  - Nacreous [Retribution]
Sun Ra and his Arkestra – Space Loneliness [The Definitive 45’s Collection 1952-1991]
The Body – Wanderings [No One Deserves Happiness]
Lady Maisery – Season 1 – The Sun Returns [Cycle]
Elza Soares – Benedita [The Woman At The End Of The World]



George Michael [R.I.P.] - A Different Corner 
Sun Ra [The Qualities] - It's Christmas Time
Half Man Half Biscuit 
-          The Trumpton Riots

-          Ordinary To Enschede

-          Tour Jacket With Detachable Sleeves

-          The Coroner's Footnote

-          A Lilac Harry Quinn

Kevin McManus (British Music Experience) chooses his favourite local music,-

Big In Japan - Big In Japan
Echo and The Bunnymen - Villiers Terrace
Wah! Heat - Better Scream
The Lotus Eaters - The First Picture Of You 
The Coral - Shadow's Fall 
Mr Ray's Wig World - Elvis Begins With An E 
The La's - Timeless Memory 
Hooton Tennis Club - Kathleen (Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair)
 Liverpool Collective with the Kop Choir - Fields Of Anfield Road

Half Man Half Biscuit 
-          Descent Of The Stiperstones

-          Lark Descending

-          99% Of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd

-          Eno Collaboration

-          All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit

-          Sponsoring The Moshpits

Monday, November 07, 2016

November 2016


Sun Ra – I Am An Instrument/I Am Strange
Papa M - Flatliners
Orkestra Mendoza – Caramelos
Joan As Policewoman & Benjamin Lazar Davis – Easy Money/Violent Dove
Will Varley – Wild Bird

The Trawl with Andy Hunt

Orlando – Theme For A Telepathic Amphibian
Lorenzo Senni – Win In The Flat World
Larry Gordon – Cross Up
Tomaga – Sittsk Polk
Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards – And I Tried So Hard

The Fall – Neighbourhood Of Infinity
Will Varley – We Want Our Planet Back
The Neo-Sounds with Sun Ra – Chicago USA/Spaceship Lullaby
Papa M – Bloom
Yussef Kamaal – Lowrider
Le Sun Ra And His Arkestra – Saturn
Pedro Santos – Quem Sou Eu
Dave Swarbrick – Derwentwater’s Farewell/The Noble Squire Dacre
Pedro Santos – Flor De Lotus
Yochanan “A Space Age Vocalist” with Sun Ra And His Arkestra – The Sun Man Speaks
Papa M – The Love Particle
Dave Swarbrick – The Coulin


Leonard Cohen – If I Didn’t Have Your Love
Coil – Who By Fire
Ramsay Lewis – Eye On You
Razzy Bailey – I Hate Hate
Jon Levi – Rude Kinda Love

BEATS FOR RINGO – A Musical Provocation

Alan Dunn – Drumthing (first song I remember hearing)
Germanager – Peace And Drums
Joe McKechnie – On Drums Mix 2
a-ntenna – Ringo Pure Bela Remix
Rongo Rongo – RingoRongo
Tandog – Wearing Clothes Of Fig
Neil Grant – I’d Like To Be
Jonathan Raisin – Madryngo Scribble
Paul Tarpey – Ringo
Invisible Alliance – Loose Grip

Aidan O’Rourke – The Ardlair Tuning Fork
Sao Paolo Underground – Violent Orchid Parade
Joan As Policewoman – Let It Be You
Luisa Maita – Na Asa
Ramsay Lewis – Jungle Strut
Sao Paolo Underground – Lost Corners Boogie
Nathan Bowles – Black Range Hog Jank 2
Sao Paolo Underground – Estrada Para O Oesta


Forastero – The Box
Joshua Hyslop – Everything Unsaid
Veronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul – Aquaserge – Saure Gurka 2016
Paternoster – The Pope Is Wrong
Datblygu - Firws I Frecwast
Mica Levi & Oliver Coates – Dolphins Climb Onto Shore For The First Time
Zephaniah Stringfield – Going To North Carolina
Tanya Tagaq – Sulfur
Gong – Kapital
Tales Of Justine – Eleventh Obsolete Incident
Datblygu – Je Suis David
                - Casserole Efeilliaid
“Celebrating World Music” – Silk String Quartet –Three And Six
Pleasure – Nothin’ To It
“The Wire Tapper 42 “ – Lumen Lab – Compa
Forastero – La Balada del Huesca Lamido
Amira Medunjanin – Oj Golube, Moj Golube
Tanya Tagaq – Aorta
“Strange And Dangerous Times “ – The Harmed Brothers – We Might Not Have To Die
Gong - Insert Your Own Prophecy
Mica Levi & Oliver Coates – Bless Our Toes
Veronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul – Hello Skinny – Oh Je Veux


Sun Ra – The Bridge
Spaceheads – Be Calmed
John Chantler – Fixation Pulse
Sussan Deihim & Richard Horowitz – Ishtar
Group Titan – Kadifeden Kesei
Pielo – Ten Point Nine
Noga Erez – Dance While You Shoot
BKO – Comment Ca Va
“Rough Guide To Delta Blues” – Mississippi Sheiks – The World Is Going Wrong
Sun Ra – Sometimes I’m Happy
“The Supreme Sound Of Bob Shad” – Sarah Vaughan – Magical Connextions
“The Real Rio” – Meia Banda – Eu Vou Ser Como A Toupeira
“Black America Sings Lennon, McCartney and Harrison” – Nina Simone – Here Comes The Sun
Devendra Banhart – Mourners’ Dance
“The Real Rio” – Ilustradora Carmen Alves – Um Bom Natal Pra Ti
DY Taye feat. DJ Earl – Go To Sleep
The Homosexuals – Divorce Proceedings
Fjaak – Wolves
John Chantler – Beginning Again
Sussan Deihim & Richard Horowitz – Got Away
Mi – Gibber
Martin Green – Strange Sky
Masayoshi Fujita – Moonlight
Geir Sundstol – Tony’s Theme
Sun Ra – A Foggy Day
Cakes Da Killa – Talkin’ Greezy
Group Titan – Findik Dallari
“Rough Guide To Delta Blues” – Arthur Petties – That Won’t Do
“Black America Sings Lennon, McCartney and Harrison” – Junior Parker –
Tomorrow Never Knows
“The Supreme Sound Of Bob Shad” – Carmen McRae – Feeling Good

Monday, October 03, 2016

October 2016


The Legendary Stardust Cowboy – I Hate CD’s
Kim Gordon – Murdered Out
Eclection – Nevertheless
Brookzill! Feat. Count B – Saudada Songbook
Dawda Jobarteh – Presenting The King
Rook Vallade – Rwhmtr

The Trawl with Andy Hunt

Group A – Liar Liar
Carla Del Forna – What You Gonna Do Now
Imperial Triumphant – Krokodil
Sony Ai Tune – Daddy’s Car
The Caretaker – We Don’t Have Many Days

The Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Geiger Counter
Cleaners From Venus – Wivenhoe Bells 2
Pale Earth – Apricot Wood House
Anonymous 4 – Shall We Gather At The River
Lux Varta feat Paris The Black Fu – Floo
“Kenya-Congo Connection” – Orchestra Bana Sambo – Solongo Pt 1
Christian Vogel – Barefoot Agnete
Rook Vellade – Endtb
Anonymous 4 – Abbeville
Dawda Jobarteh – Jamming In The Fifth Dimension
Ernst Krenek – The Santa Fe Timetable (excerpt)


Coope Boyes & Simpson – The Avenging Angel
Anda Union – Jangur
Laurence Arabia – Sweet Dissatisfaction
Lee “Scratch” Perry – No Evil
People of the North – Surfacing
Coope Boyes & Simpson – If We Were Them

PMS Studio Session: Biltone
                Let Bygones Be
                Please Forgive

Bellemou Messaoud – Khla Dadarumha Khalia
Figure Ground – Fabricated Falsity
Meta Meta – Angoul Me
Bjork – Pagan Poetry
Urusei Yatsura – Phasers on Stun
Perujazz – El Origen Del Huaguo
Aim – From Here to Fame YZ (Aim Remix)
The Keithe Lowrie Duet – Snow Queen
Celtic Roots – Willie Murray’s Reel
The Handsome Family – King of Dust

Anda Union – Jiitalin Gurgul


Gruppo Spontaneo Trallalero – Nel Silentio
Jah Wobble – Cleopatra King Size
Feral Ohms – Love Damage
The Sisters Of Mercy – Adrenochrome
Tim Presley – Underwater Rain
“Svenska Shakers” – Annaabee Nox – The Kids Are Alright
Gruppo Spontaneo Trallalero – La Pastora

Steve Reich – Shiviti Hasham L’Negdi    
                     - Ehmor M’Aht, V’Ahsay Harbay

Lightnin’ Hopkins – C C Rider
Scorzayzee – Gangsta Wraps (Take The Throne)
Dirty Projectors – Keep Your Name
Okkultikrati – Magic People
“Svenska Shakers” – Annaabee Nox – I’m Not Talking
“Ice And Longboats” – Ensemble Mare Balticum – Signals To The Aesir Gods
Wardruna – MannahR – Drivende
“Kenya Congo Connection” – Orchestra Shika Shika – Massa (Pts 1 & 2)
Gruppo Spontaneo Trallaleri – No No Non Dirmi Niente
Kero & Gotshell – Ex Adenoma Pleomorfic


Bollywood Brass Band feat. Jyotsna Srikanth – Jai Ho

Campbell L Sangster – PMS Studio Session,-

The Quietest Moment
Little Sis
Me And The Ghost
Beautiful Stars
Odds Are Stacked

Tyshawn Sorey – The Inner Spectrum Of Variables – Movement 3 (excerpt)

Ben Turner Introduces Classic Disco Vinyl,-

- Eddie Kendricks – Girl You Need A Change Of Mind
- The Clark Sisters – You Brought The Sunshine (Danny Krivit Edit)
- John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – Bourgie Bourgie (Louie Vega Mix)
- Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face? (Kon’s Duet Mix)
- Al Kent – J’Adore
- Dee Dee Bridgewater – Bad For Me (Larry Levan Mix)
- Herbie Hancock – Stars In Your Eyes
- Mary Clark – Take Me I’m Yours

Hawniyaz – Malan Barkir – Berivane
Melingo – Gnossienne
Bollywood Brass Band feat. Jyotsna Srikanth – Jiya Jali
Taylor Ho Bynum – That Which Only… Never Before


The Cravats – Big Band
John Carpenter – Assault on Precinct 13 
Gaye Su Akyol – Dunya Kaleska
Christian Wallumrod – Fulgsam
Jenny Hval – the Great Undressing
Lee Hazelwood Songbook – Jarvis Cocker & Richard Hawley – A Cheat
Eluvium – Perschach Pavan
Seydu – Ashe
Harvey Mandel – Snake Pit
Meshuggah – Clockwork

‘Lost Vinyl’ Dead or Alive – That’s The Way (I Like It)
Agnes Obel – Golden Green

‘Vault’ Robert Wyatt – The Age Of Self
Christian Wallumrod – Klafferas
Poor Grrrl – We Trashy
Gaye Su Akyol – Eski Tufek
Keiran Towers & Charlotte Carrivick – I Wash Myself With A Rag On A Stick
Goat – I Sing in Silence
Terry Malts – Your Turn
Oy – The Story of Space Diaspora
        Something of the Past
Momus – The Sadness of Things
Jenny Hval – The Plague
Seydu – Desert Rose
Lee Hazelwood Songbook – Billy Dearborn – Friday’s Child

John Carpenter – Halloween Theme